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How To Find An Escort In Bangkok, Thailand

How To Find An Escort In Bangkok, Thailand

Have you been searching for a safe, reliable, private escort service in Bangkok, Thailand without much success? Some people assume that finding an escort companion and subsequently having a sexual interaction with her is as simple as placing a call, making payment and getting in bed with her. It is, but isn’t that easy. Doing it safely. Is what’s important. There’s quite a few newbies who take it upon themselves to find the ideal escort site and often don’t do their research and then realize painfully that there are several nasty pitfalls to deal with. When searching for an escort, some of the things you might start to wonder include the following:

  • What if the female escort is a law official? Will I be arrested?
  • What if I get robbed by the escort or her pimp decides to beat my ass?
  • Why the heck would this girl want the details regarding my employment?
  • Why do most girls hang up on me?
  • At what point should I give the escort money?

When you begin to think about these crazy but real issues, then you immediately begin to realize that scheduling an appointment or a date with a random internet escort has a few more challenges than you had initially imagined. Lucky for you, we at BKK Escort Service will demystify the escort industry and help guide you on how to find the right Bangkok outcall escort who will satisfy you, no matter your fantasies or kinky sexual needs.

Find A Reputable Bangkok Escort Service Provider

This is potentially the most serious, self-conscious & critical step of the escort booking process because selecting a quality escort makes the subsequent steps much easier. It is a given that choosing a bad or unsuitable escort service makes the outlined steps below a frustrating pain in the ass. What’s important is that you make sure that you’re dealing with a respected and reputable escorts service, like us, BKK Escort Service. We understand men have different and diverse tastes when it comes to women. Fortunately, you can easily find what on our site. All of our girls have details within their profiles that will inform you of what they’re willing to do and if it’s not mentioned, then odds are, they’re not.

Choose a Bangkok Escort And Make A Call

In an instance where an international phone number or WhatsApp number is provided, you can go ahead and place a call to the escort agency, unless stated otherwise. Most escorts agencies in the industry appreciate this gesture, as it offers the chance to gauge you, as a client. This presents the escort service with a good chance to screen you, you also get the chance to screen the agency as well. Therefore, it is advisable that you remain polite, friendly, and cheerful when you first make contact. If you would like to speak with the escort you’re interested in, just ask. This too will alleviate any doubts or concerns for both parties. If the escort service allows you to speak with the escort. The conversation you hold with your preferred escort over the phone should be similar to this:

  • “Hi, am I speaking with Sam?” (If the lady is listed as Sexy Sam, for instance, you should never call her by this name, as a simple Sam will be sufficient).”
  • “Yes.”
  • “My name is Joe. I stumbled upon your profile on BKK Escort Service. I’d love to know which day next week works for you so that we can pick a suitable meeting day & time. What is your schedule like on Wednesday or Thursday, 9:00 pm? A one-hour out-call would be great.”

It’s important to note that this is all you need to say during the phone conversation. It is not recommended to discuss topics like services, rates, or any other details related to the services the escort or agency offers. Keep general conversation off the table for now. All details you would like to know about the escort may already be provided in her profile, which means asking her for more details will simply get her pissed off. Which makes you look like you didn’t do your research. Not a good first impression. If the call goes well and you feel you have some chemistry with her, you can opt to break the ice prior to your meeting with her. You may start to flirt and engage her with some small talk, as this could possibly get her to open up to you which will more than likely make her more comfortable and willing to meet. When you are ready to end the call, it is courteous to mention that “If for any reason I need to cancel the booking appointment, I will inform you within reasonable time to avoid any inconvenience to you.” Note that escorts do not like people who are time wasters. Once you’ve agreed on everything, you should immediately follow up with a text message that confirms the date and time. The escort might respond with a text that provides a post code. In some instances, they might opt to provide you with the name of the building she’ll be meeting you at yet, but that’s okay, you must remember this is a “grey-area” industry. Some escorts are a little paranoid even though most engage in a legal practice depending on the jurisdiction they live in.

Independent Escorts And Agency Escorts - There’s a Difference.

Understand there is a big difference between agency escorts and independent escorts. The independent escorts, for example, present you with a mix of everything you could want – some are extremely good at what they do, offer reliable services, they’ve built their own clientele bases that allows them to work on their own. Then there’s others who are newbies, chancers, or extremely unreliable escorts aren’t so good that agencies won’t let them be apart of the agency. It’s worth noting that escort agencies tend to vary from one to another. There’s escort agencies that often range from the good, bad, professional, unprofessional to the reliable and unreliable fly-by-night options. Generally speaking, you want to make sure you’re dealing with the older, highly reputable, more experienced, well respected and well-established escort agencies will give you a better chance of linking up with higher quality escorts. Exercise caution and do your research. Some have a horrible reputation for treating their girls badly and others have a great reputation for treating their escort girls fantastic. Therefore, you should only deal with the respected and reputable agencies.

Prepare For The Date With Your Bangkok Escort

The preparations involved before meeting with your escort will be somewhat different depending on if it’s in-call or out-call. Preparations Involved with In-call Appointments - You go to them. Your hygiene is the most important part of getting prepared. Take a shower before going out with your escort on the date. Brush your teeth and use mouthwash so your breath is fresh. Keep in mind, when you smell good, look good, you are guaranteed to earn more favors from the escort you’ve chosen. Next, you should check that you have the right location and directions to the destination you’re meeting her at. Allow yourself plenty of time to reach the place of the appointment. It is very important that you arrive at least 15-30 minutes early. Preparations Needed With Outcall Appointments - They Come To You As with the in-call meetings, you shouldn't ever ignore your hygiene for an outcall meeting. Since you will be the host, in this case, you need to have a few things prepared and accommodate your escort who will be arriving as your guest. First, begin by tidying up and cleaning your house or hotel. Make sure there’s no mess or clutter. If you booked a hotel, this should not be an issue, if there is a bit of a mess, if room service is available, call them to clean it up - quick. Make sure there are fresh towels and enough toiletries that your escort guest can use. Preferably toiletries that are unopened and unused.

Meeting & The Date Etiquette. Don’t Mess This Part Up.

When it comes time for the appointment with your escort, there’s some date etiquette you should apply with all the escort girls you meet. You should always have your form of payment ready and never be hesitant to make an upfront payment without being prompted. That, just makes things weird. Make sure to put in every effort to properly groom yourself. Get yourself as clean as possible. If this is your first time, it is advised that you let your date know and clearly specify what you want and what you would like to do while with her. Don’t worry about if the girl will be shocked at your requests, no matter how crazy or wild you might think of your kinky fantasies. Remember, the escort girls have witnessed more bizarre and crazy things than you might have - ever. If the your escort requests that you take a shower. Do it. Do not be offended. This should be a given. Before you get involved in the activities of the night, it is always recommended that you take a shower. Remember the prep talk we just had? Shower! If you want, you can even ask the girl to take a shower with you! If your escort date or yourself are a little nervous, you might want to start the date with a simple massage to get you both in the mood. Remember, to be polite, respectful, clean and thoughtful. Even though you’re paying for to get the most pleasure from the escort experience, you should be considerate & take care of her sexual needs as well. Your extended efforts will certainly pay off!

Wrap Up - Enjoy Your Bangkok Escort Experience

Hopefully, you’ve gained some helpful insights into what you should do when you find and meet an escort for the first time. Avoid the mistakes mentioned above and everything will go smoothly. You have the opportunity to spend time with quality, professional and sexy escorts that will with no doubt make your first time a pleasant one. If you do everything right, you will gladly discover that with the escort girls you meet will certainly satisfy you time after time if you do right by them. So just keep these helpful insights in mind each time and go enjoy tonight with one of our escorts. Good Luck!

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